Teaching Students With All Levels of Autism

“How will my child learn?” “Will I have to send her to a special school?” “His situation is so different from everyone else’s; how will anyone accommodate him?” These are common concerns of parents with an autistic child. Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), describes children with difficulties communicating, engaging in social situations or responding […]

Common Misconceptions About Autism

Formally known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, the condition describes a spectrum of developmental disabilities, in which people struggle with speech, interpersonal relations, emotions, and more. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 59 children born in the U.S. have ASD, and boys are four times more likely to […]

How to Move From An Autism School To A Mainstream School

All children, regardless of ability, have the right to receive a free education in the least restrictive environment, according to the U.S. Department of Education. What does this mean for kids with autism? When possible, they may transition from an autism school to a mainstream school for all or part of the day. This transition […]

Benefits of Choosing an Autism School

Autism affects every child in unique ways, which means each child with autism has different educational needs. Traditional public and private schools, cyber and charter schools, and schools for autism all provide educational opportunities, but which option is best for your child? Comparing Traditional Schools and Autism Schools With the right education, your child can […]

How Sarah Dooley Teachers Are Specially Trained For Autism

Teachers and school administrators are often on the front lines when it comes to helping those with autism. As such, their training is a critical part of their overall approach to teaching children and young adults with autism. These teachers must have the ability to handle a diverse array of situations and behaviors with effective […]

Resource Guide For Autism Information And Education

Resource Menu: Resources for General Autism Information Education & Learning Resources for Those with Autism Career & Employment Resources for Those with Autism Relationship Management for Those with Autism Parenting, teaching, or even just getting to know someone with autism can be a challenge. Locating reliable and actionable information about autism on the internet can […]

2017 Fall Events That Are Autism-Friendly

Community integration experiences are vital for the growth and development of children and youth with autism. Experiences shared with family members and care givers build bonds, trust, mutual interests, and are fun. Sarah Dooley Center for Autism highlights these upcoming community integration opportunities: Sensory-Friendly Movie Matinee On August 19th, join friends and family for an […]

Education Grants For People With Autism

Autism can be both a very difficult and very expensive condition with which to live. Fortunately, there are many organizations that understand the financial hurdles involved in getting the most out of life when living with autism spectrum disorders. While the following listings are neither endorsed nor validated by the Sarah Dooley Center, they are […]

Teaching Kids On Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can range from individuals who are very mildly impaired to those who are very severely impaired. Tailoring your teaching to kids on either end of the spectrum carries unique challenges. Here are some tools to help you understand and meet those challenges. Teaching Severely Impaired Students With Autism Severely impaired children […]

Why People With Autism Shouldn’t Be Labeled As High Or Low Functioning

As you know, Autism is exhibited by a wide range of verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, and abstract behaviors. And because the disorder can be displayed in so many ways, there is a tendency to categorize people with Autism into groups. Of these groups, the labels of high or low functioning are perhaps the […]