Staff: Faculty

Michelle Hughey


  • Virginia State University, B.S. Psychology
  • Virginia State University, M.S. Clinical Psychology

Michelle Hughey, Teacher

804-521-5571 • Email

Michelle has been a part of the St. Joseph’s Villa community for 12 years.  Her journey started after receiving a B.S. Degree in Psychology from Virginia State University in 2005.  While employed as a counselor at the Sarah Dooley Center for Autism, Michelle continued her education by working toward a M.S. degree in Clinical Psychology.  Michelle received a Master’s Degree from Virginia State University in 2008, and decided to continue working at St. Joseph’s Villa due to curiosity about the relationship between Education and Psychology.  After some time as a counselor, Michelle decided to pursue a five year renewable teaching license in Special Education and became fully licensed in 2015.  In addition to teaching at SDCA, Michelle taught Psychology and Sociology courses at a local career college for five years.  Michelle maintains balance in life by keeping a consistent workout routine.

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