SDCA Director Adam Dreyfus presents autism training in Caribbean island of Nevis

Sarah Dooley’s Director Adam Dreyfus and Dr. Ted Hoch of George Mason University were invited to conduct a 3-day workshop on the lovely Caribbean island of Nevis by the Nevisian Island Administration (September 13-15, 2016). This was the second visit to the island nation and marks a deepening of their partnership with the Nevisian Education team. This training focused on building on the prior training on classroom management, behavior training and teaching teachers how to accelerate learning. Nevis has made great strides in their commitment to serve children with special needs as well as address literacy goals for all of their students. Adam and Ted were honored to get an opportunity to work with every teacher on the island during the workshop as well as spend some time in their schools. Future visits will focus on staff training and teaching administrators how to support their teachers with comprehensive fidelity checks and active feedback.

Adam Dreyfus1

Adam Dreyfus2

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