Preparing for the Future

Career and Transition Services teach students the skills necessary to navigate transitions in their life such as the transition from the educational system to the workforce or to post secondary training or school. The goal is to help students learn to envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating. This goal is achieved through a combination of classroom training and actual worksite training, allowing students the opportunity to acquire the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes needed to successfully transition from high school to post-secondary training, the workforce, and to adulthood.

Job Coaching

Students at the Sarah Dooley Center participate in a variety of activities to develop their career and transition skills. Students work with job coaches to achieve goals set out in the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or determined in conjunction with the parent and school system. In addition, students have the chance to experience one of six training locations on the campus of St. Joseph’s Villa associated with the Career and Transition Services program, either through a campus internship or through Work Adjustment Training opportunities.

On-Site Training

Training opportunities on campus include culinary services (which prepares more than 500 meals each day), recycling and waste management, materials/inventory management (including using barcode scanners), vehicle management (including auto detailing), environmental services, and the donation center (which is an on-campus retail environment). In addition to on-campus opportunities, students may take advantage of internships to explore specific interests and abilities.

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